Pick and roll or third note to my theory of cuantic sociological

So this its for us
we know about the play
this its amazing
the live I say
so -yo go there
I´ll be there
luck up
the moon doesn’t exist
you just need
pick and roll
thats what Im
call me
Im ready for this
poetry act


Not indians
earth beens
a multicomplex
of relations
the drunker men
at the corner
can´t luck at me
but we have together
a party
he change my live
I wake up
listen nothing
he really
its me
talk whit my


So yes of course
we can travel at tomorrow
so go to mars
or you can came
whit me to see
a cosmic sperm of the wailes
of capricornus constellations
I buy a tickets
we have open fly at 6
came at 4 of july
-its a anniversary gift-
what do you think


The snake
dance at front of me
i´m driblling
need to go to the other basket
go to the right
go to the left
this a phillosophicall cuestion
not a sport
i´m the basket men
but the ball
who hide the balls
i´m alone
luck like a güiri shining
but its me
the firs one
the wave
the sword
the bell
the kind
making a double pass
whit my thought


Pick and roll
thats the way
mjm mjm i liked
pick and roll
just for today
two pains
at the right side
day after
sun eclipse
Im tired to pick and roll
nothings happens
maybe the universe
will play soon
his boards of points
moving the faith
whit suspense
let me try this
let me sing


The cents
that not the scientist
are playing whit his heat
Hi! to the clouds
its a beauty day
the central park sopotocientos
came to my remembering
far listen a town song
its to late
to the sun
maybe tomorrow
will finish everything
I say your name and smile
mys pains
sounds likes your theeths
when eat mango
how hurt me the country
of the sads ads of
death kids
hurt me
the time



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